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Art Services, Portraits & Pet Paintings


This big 4 foot by 5 foot painting was done when a man saw one of Laurel’s small owl paintings and emailed Laurel to say he wanted a similar painting in XL size!

Laurel likes to take on a painting idea challenge, and the way she works is to usually paint your idea, no money down. If you like it, you buy it – but if not she’ll re-purpose the canvas. She doesn’t like the pressure of HAVING to produce something, if you like it, it’s yours.


Pet Portraits

Laurel does 3 kinds of pet portraits:

  1. Realistic in watercolor.
  2. Wild and Crazy in Acrylic on canvas.
  3. A combination of 1 and 2, watercolor mounted on canvas and edges painted wild and crazy.


Laurel will be glad to demonstrate her painting style to you class or group,


Small classes in Acrylic painting “Laurel Bahe” style can be arranged.

Classes making necklaces using your art can be arranged also.

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