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About Laurel Bahe

156d95521180595b20b633e1bdb457f5_sjkkI’m Laurel Bahe. I paint because I love to paint. I’m a happy person and my paintings make me happier. My work is bright, cute, loose, whimsical and fun most of the time. I like to experiment with techniques and mediums; I especially like to make messes while I paint.

My favorite subject to paint is owls. I don’t know why exactly. In 2008 I came across 3 Great Horned owlets living near Monument Valley Creek in Colorado Springs, CO, where I live and ride my bike almost daily. They captivated me and I stalked them that summer and I have been stalking, photographing and painting owls since then. Owls have great lines and shapes and textures and those EYES, I just love their eyes, even though I might paint them pink, I love their eyes.

I also love to paint dogs. Probably because I love dogs. Critters in general delight me and make me want to paint them and try to convey that delightful feeling they make me feel.

In June 2011, the 10 paintings I exhibited in the Rochester, New York Contemporary Art Center all sold on opening weekend! My paintings have been in shows including The Colorado Watercolor Society National Show, Pikes Peak International Watermedia Show, The Colorado Creative Capitol show at Denver International Airport and The Colorado State Capitol Building, and the New Mexico, Wyoming and Oklahoma Watercolor Societies.

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